From the recording No Man's Land

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Rose Colored Glasses

Walking down the boulevard
Looking for a Sunday paper
and coffee to start the day
People come and go
This city never sleeps
If only you could be that cool
It doesn't mean that much to you

Wearing rose colored glasses
You walk on by
Stars in your eyes
Wearing rose colored glasses
All day and night
Everything will be alright

Another perfect day in LA
With your rose colored glasses
the days always look the same
People on the street
going their own way
You'll catch 'em on the flipside
Yeah you'll catch 'em on the flipside


City of dreams, city of light
In color or in black and white
Everything will be alright

Feelin' dizzy in your head
It makes the day a little easier
when all you see is red

Paul Leim - drums
Michael Rhodes - bass
Michael Bonagura - harmony vocal