1. My Cheri

From the recording No Man's Land

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My Cheri

A rainy Sunday morning
Coffee on the table
A kiss for my lover
and the taste of bittersweet
I see my reflection
in the television screen
The face looks so familiar
Like the man I used to be

Stay with me and I'll stay with you
We'll always be forever true
Carry me and I'll carry you
through thick and thin
to the top of the world
My Cheri

You were the one who lit the fire
and kept it burning through the mire
We've come too far now
Don't throw it all away
Let's talk it over for awhile
I miss your touch, I miss your smile
Don't stop the music
There's still time for one last dance

Pete Abbott - drums
Michael Rhodes - bass
Michael Bonagura - background vocal
Kathie Bonagura - background vocal