From the recording No Man's Land

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Country Side of Town

Here's to the days gone by
Here's to the good times
No mind to settle down
Hope for tomorrow, live for today
On the country side of town

My old friends they steal away
For the simple life, not much has changed
Go to work from 9 to 5
Cash a check
then drink a few on Friday night


Conversations all the same
Who won the high school football game?
How's the old ball and chain?
I can't remember, what was her name?
Bartender please, another round
For my friends and their pride
There must be something in the air tonight
We'll catch you on the other side


When will I see you again?
We've traveled for so many miles
The song is over
but there's money in the jukebox
Take a seat, buy me a drink
and stay awhile

Paul Leim - drums
Mark Fain - stand-up "dog" bass
Andy Leftwich - fiddle
Michael Bonagura - background vocal
Kathie Bonagura - background vocal