1. John Wayne

From the recording No Man's Land

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John Wayne

When the lights go down
and you're the only one around
cue the movie stars
the cowboys and their big cigars
and disappear for awhile

Blame it on the way
they ride off in the sunset
Heroes make it easy to believe
Blame it on reality
but don't blame me when old John Wayne
rides again

Have you ever seen a sky so blue
Clouds casting shadows over you
When the winter comes
all will fade to grey
Another scene
Another day


Spring in the air
The seasons passing by
They'll pass you by
Like sand in the hourglass
traveling through space and time

When the lights go down
you're all alone in this town
but in the end
you're just a face in the crowd

Justin Saunders - cellos
Kathie Bonagura - background vocal
Gunner Nelson - background vocal