From the recording Liberty Street

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All I Need Is You

Walking on a thin line
A penny for your thoughts
Do you still believe it’s true?
Where does all the love go
When it disappears?
Is that what makes the sky so blue?
Baby, all I need is you

Hold on to the good times
Some things you never forget
Hold on, we can put it back together again
Baby, all I need is you

Look through any window
Tell me what you see
Do you still remember me?
Under your umbrella
Walking in the park
Is it just a memory?


We all fall down
And get right back on our feet again
It’s never ending
Just stay with me
You’re all I need

We don’t need a reason
All we need is love
I know it’s hard sometimes
And you wanna give up
But I will never up on you


You’re all I want, all I need
All my love for you
You’re all I want, all I bleed
All I need is you