From the recording New Adventures In Wonderland

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The American Dream

Driving down to Clarksdale
Turn on the radio
Listen to the preacher
Tryin to save your soul
Save your soul
Trying to save your soul
He said I ainʼt here to tell you
how itʼs meant to be
Sooner or later
Youʼll come crawling back to me
Crawling back to me
Like a beggar on your knees

Standing at the crossroad
Full moon on the rise
and the devil inside you
Devil inside
Blood hounds on your trail
in the land of the free
when you sell your soul
for the American Dream

Midnight in the graveyard
Strumming your guitar
When the sun comes up tomorrow Theyʼll all know who you are
Know who you are
Theyʼll all know who you are


In the Mississippi Delta
Payinʼ the devils dues
Poison in the bottle
Playin the devilʼs blues
The devils blues
Youʼre playin the devils blues