1. The Ferryman

From the recording New Adventures In Wonderland

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The Ferryman

Sorry Iʼm late
I took the long way
My mind is racing
You look beautiful
How long has it been
I wasnʼt sure Iʼd ever see you again
We were so much younger then
Do you remember

We'll pay the ferryman to cross the river When we get to the other side
We can live forever
All the wanderers in our wake
Along the banks theyʼll have to wait
We all want to live forever

Sooner or later
You and I weʼll figure it out
Weʼll find a way, thereʼs no doubt
Sooner or later
Itʼs time to go now
Weʼve got to keep movinʼ on
Take it as it comes
Itʼs good to be alive


Free yourself to be yourself
When I lay me down to sleep
Iʼll give to you my soul to keep
Iʼll wait for you, wait for me

The sun always shines
But you canʼt see it
You can only feel it
Pennies on our eyes
Weʼll cross the border, cross the line Crooked crosses, your heart and mine