1. That Girl

From the recording New Adventures In Wonderland

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That Girl

That girl walking on sunshine
She knows just what she got
Like Marilyn in the movie
She knows some like it hot
On down the avenue she goes
New York in the summertime
Born in California so she knows
Itʼs just a state of mind

That girl roll in like thunder
Knows how to play that game
Sheʼll light you up with a smile
and take your breath away

That girl, that girl
Take it all in, breathe it all out
Everything will be alright T
hat girl, that girl
Let it shine all over the world
Youʼre a superstar

That girl finding her own way
Just wants to be herself
Go to work early on Monday
Turn into someone else
Sheʼs got a lot to prove
and nothing left to lose
In a New York groove
Sheʼs nobodyʼs fool


They stand in line for Norma Jeane
Like a ghost up on the screen
Everything in black and white
Like a dream
Goodnight Marilyn