1. Ship of Fools

From the recording TIMEBOMB

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Ship Of Fools

Down on the farm there lived an old major
He got no time for Mr. Jones
Said to the animals, do yourself a favor
Get educated
One day another came along
Took control, the credit
Sang a new song
Years pass, the rich are getting richer
You get the picture
Ain’t that a bitch, sir

You’ve got the whole world in your hands
And it’s ticking like a time bomb
Like a time bomb
You build a castle made of sand
And they will love you until the end
All they ask for is money in the bank
They’ll pray for you and thank you
Pray and thank you
All aboard on the Ship of Fools

All you need are two legs to stand on
Simple lives for simple minds
The revolution is dead and gone
All is quiet on the Manor Farm


Together we will celebrate
Some are more equal than the others
Two that play the ace of spades
We’re all the same

Music and lyric by Jimmy Stafford