From the recording Off the Rails

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Angels in the Architecture

On the ropes fighting for your life
The tide has turned against you
And it’s only a matter of time
No one knows what you’re going through
The look of desperation in your eyes rings true

You climb another mountain
It gets harder every time
One step forward, two steps back
But don’t give up the fight
You’re starting to grow weary
But through the darkness
You can see the light

There are angels in the architecture
Staring down on me
I can hear their voices calling
But I swear I cannot see
This is the time, this is the place
Exactly how this moment was meant to be
And that’s good enough for me

You search for gold in a silver mine
You grew up strong, you grew up right
You never crossed the line
Your good fortune soon would escape you
Now everything has come undone
There’s nothing left to lose

words and music by Jimmy Stafford
copyright 2021 Jimmy Stafford Music