1. Endgame

From the recording Good Morning Sunshine

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Get outta my head
I didn’t hear a thing you said
You moved right in and didn’t pay the rent
I’m blue and you’re red
True until the bitter end
This house just isn’t big enough for two
Like me and you

Lovers on the wrong side of the track
Miles away, the rain is coming down
Come tomorrow we will rise again
In the endgame

Overheated, four long years
I can see the light from here
I didn’t think this day would ever come
No regrets and no more tears
Soon the clouds will disappear
It feels like a new day has begun
Here comes the sun


Are you warm by the fire
Do you feel my desire to let it go


If that’s the way it goes
We’ll be okay
In the endgame

We’re winners and we’re losers
All the same
In the end game

copyright 2021 Jimmy Stafford Music